Fall 2012 MATH 274 001 LEC

Topics in Algebra
001 LECTuTh 330-5P 7 EVANSRIBET, K A54457
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Prerequisites: Consent of instructor.

Syllabus: I will discuss elliptic curves, modular forms, Galois representations and related objects.  I will begin with the idea of following the textbook (see below).  The course will evolve according to the interests of the audience and the taste of the instructor.

Office: 885 Evans Hall

Office Hours: See http://math.berkeley.edu/~ribet/office_hours.txt for official hours.  You can also make an appointment.

Required Text: http://wstein.org/books/ribet-stein/main.pdf

Recommended Reading: 

Grading: As is customary in advanced topics courses, the grading will be generous.


Course Webpage: The page http://math.berkeley.edu/~ribet/274/ will be created when needed.