Fall 2012 MATH 256A 001 LEC

Algebraic Geometry
001 LECTuTh 1230-2P 81 EVANSBORCHERDS, R E54451
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Prerequisites: 250A-250B for 256A; 256A for 256B.

Syllabus: Affine and projective algebraic varieties. Theory of schemes and morphisms of schemes. Smoothness and differentials in algebraic geometry. Coherent sheaves and their cohomology. Riemann-Roch theorem and selected applications. Sequence begins fall.

Office: 927 Evans Hall

Office Hours: Tu Th 2:00-3:30

Required Text: Hartshorne, Algebraic  Geometry

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Homework: Assigned each week on the course home page

Course Webpage: http://math.berkeley.edu/~reb/256A