Fall 2012 MATH 250A 001 LEC

Groups, Rings, and Fields
001 LECMWF 1-2P 85 EVANSFUCHS, E D54442
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412: WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 12, 2012 7-10PLimit:35 Enrolled:27 Waitlist:0 Avail Seats:8 [on 11/02/12]
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Prerequisites: 114 or consent of instructor.

Syllabus: The official course description for this class is: Group theory, including the Jordan-Holder theorem and the Sylow theorems. Basic theory of rings and their ideals. Unique factorization domains and principal ideal domains. Modules. Chain conditions. Fields, including fundamental theorem of Galois theory, theory of finite fields, and transcendence degree.  More specifically, we will try to cover most of chapters I to VI from Serge Lang's Graduate Algebra, with some possible supplementary topics such as Galois cohomology if time permits.  Since we will have a lot of material to cover, it is likely that some theorems/definitions will be covered less thoroughly in class than others, but students will be expected to read up on them in the book.  A note about the book:  it is a classic text from which to learn algebra.  Some students find that it is a bit dense to learn from: if you feel this way I suggest you supplement the book with the text you used to learn undergraduate algebra or one of the other suggested texts on the course website.

Office: 851 Evans

Office Hours: MWF 2-3PM

Required Text: Serge Lang's Graduate Algebra, 3rd Edition

Recommended Reading: additional reading suggestions on course website

Grading: Based on homework (50%), one take-home midterm (15%), and a final exam (35%).

Homework: Due Fridays in class or by 2PM under office door in 851 Evans

Course Webpage: http://math.berkeley.edu/~efuchs/250A