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=Submitting Your Thesis Electronically=
=Submitting Your Thesis Electronically=
The Graduate Division requires two copies of your thesis:  one copy on
This wiki page is obsolete.
archival paper for the library, and one copy on normal paper to be submitted
to ProQuest.
Instead of submitting the ProQuest copy on paper, it is possible to submit it
Instead, please see one of the following pages (as appropriate):
electronically.  It is recommended that you do so, because copies submitted
* [[Preparing your Ph.D. dissertation using LaTeX]]
on paper are converted to ''pdf'' format by scanning, resulting in an inferior
* [[Preparing your master's thesis using LaTeX]]
copy.  Also, you save paper.
The Graduate Division provides
[http://www.grad.berkeley.edu/policies/pdf/disguide.pdf instructions for electronic submission of the ProQuest copy of your dissertation].
This web page provides a variant set of instructions, based on '''pdflatex'''.
==New for Fall 2009==
The Graduate Division recently changed its requirements for electronic submission of theses.  As of Fall 2009, doctoral dissertations must be submitted
electronically; for masters' theses this is apparently not permitted for Fall 2009.  For detailed instructions, see the [http://grad.berkeley.edu/policies/pdf/disguide.pdf Instructions for Preparing and Filing Your Thesis or Dissertation].  This section gives instructions specific to LaTeX.
For doctoral dissertations submitted electronically, the formatting requirements have changed.  To accommodate these changes, follow these steps:
* use '''\documentclass{ucthesisnew}''' instead of '''\documentclass{ucthesis}'''
* do not use the '''\abstractsignature''' macro in your abstract
* the '''\prevdegrees''' macro will be ignored (if used)
* use the '''\approvalpage''' macro only when you need to print the approval page, not in the final submission.  You can print just the current page from '''xdvi''', '''evince''', or Adobe Reader ('''acroread''').
* don't use the '''twoside''' option for final submission (page numbers are not allowed in the upper left-hand corner).
* the Dissertation Release Form is up to you
* the new document class is installed on the thin client server, but to use it you need to type the following command, just once, in each terminal window in which you plan to use TeX:
set path = (/local/depot/texlive-2007/bin $path)
These instructions may (and probably will) change for Spring 2010.
Send any questions or comments to [mailto:vojta@math.berkeley.edu Paul Vojta].
===Downloading the Macros to Your Computer===
The '''ucthesisnew''' package consists of the files '''ucthesisnew.cls''', '''uctn10.clo''', '''uctn11.clo''', and '''uctn12.clo'''.  On the login server (panda), they are stored in the directory '''/local/depot/4/texlive-2007/tex/latex/local'''.  (On other machines the part of the path
prior to '''texlive-2007''' may be different.)
To install them as a documentclass on your home computer, download them and either put them in the same directory as your thesis files,
or follow the instructions for your TeX installation on installing new LaTeX document classes.
==Creating the PDF file==
* Instead of typing '''latex''' to create a ''dvi'' file, type '''pdflatex''' instead.  If you have just run '''latex''' several times to create a ''dvi'' file, then you need to type '''pdflatex''' only once; otherwise you should run '''pdflatex''' and '''bibtex''' in the same sequence as you would run '''latex''' and '''bibtex''', respectively, to create a ''dvi'' file.
* Check the thesis by running '''acroread''', '''evince''', or '''gv''' on the resulting ''pdf'' file.
==Sending the PDF file==
To begin the process of submitting your thesis electronically, create a ''pdf'' version of your thesis using '''pdflatex''' and submit it at http://www.etdadmin.com .
Further steps are described in [http://grad.berkeley.edu/policies/pdf/disguide.pdf Instructions for Preparing and Filing Your Thesis or Dissertation].

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Submitting Your Thesis Electronically

This wiki page is obsolete.

Instead, please see one of the following pages (as appropriate):