Theodore A. Slaman


1976, B.S. in Physics, The Pennsylvania State University.
1981, Ph.D. in Mathematics, Harvard University; Thesis Advisor: Gerald E. Sacks.

1981-83, N.S.F. Postdoctoral Fellow; Harvard University, University of California at Los Angeles, The University of Chicago.
1983-85, 85-87, 87-96, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Professor, The University of Chicago.
1996-present, Professor of Mathematics, The University of California, Berkeley.
2003-06, 09-10, Chair of the Mathematics Department, The University of California, Berkeley.

Awards and grants:
1983-present, NSF Principal Investigator.
1985, Presidential Young Investigator Award, five years tenure.
2002, Alexander von Humboldt Research Award.
2008, Miller Professorship
2012, Simons Fellow in Mathematics

Visiting positions:
1987, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Senior Fellowship, six month tenure.
1987, Harvard University, Visiting Professor, six month tenure.
1989-90, MSRI, Visiting Professor.
1993-94, SERC Visiting Fellowship Research Grant, United Kingdom, one year tenure.
2002-03, University of Heidelberg, Visiting Professor.
2007-12, National University of Singapore, Distinguished Visiting Professor, two month tenure each summer.
2013, University of Buenos Aires, six month tenure.

Research and Publications: More than one hundred scientific publications in areas such as Computability Theory, Set Theory, and Subsystems of First and Second-Order Arithmetic.
Ph.D. students supervised: Thirteen students to completion of doctorate (as of 2013).