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I'm an algebraic geometer, but much of my work involves bridges to other subjects: from the enumerative theory of curve singularities to quantum and categorified knot invariants to the representation theory of Cherednik algebras; from the geometry of special divisors in hyperelliptic curves through general results on how the cohomology of algebraic varieties can vary in families to questions of equidistribution. I also think about counting nodal curves in surfaces, and about higher discriminants of maps between algebraic varieties. Most recently, also about sheaf-theoretic categorical invariants of Legendrian knots, and how these are related to the items in the first sentence.

Here's the technical part of my NSF proposal "Curves, Knots, Hilbert schemes, and the Hitchin system." It contains a summary of some of my current research and a programme which proposes to use the relations between singular curves, legendrian knot invariants, and wild character varieties to approach the conjecture (of Oblomkov, Rasmussen, and myself) relating the cohomology of Hilbert schemes of points on a singular plane curve to the Khovanov-Rozansky homology of its link. I've posted this largely because this programme does not currently appear elsewhere in print.

I'm starting a mathematical blog! The plan is to collect there various reviews of the literature for my own personal convenience, and also keep some of my half-finished thoughts somewhere other than in my head.

I am currently teaching algebraic geometry (math 256); tuesdays and thursdays 12:30-2:00 in 81 Evans hall. Here is the course webpage.

In spring 2014 I taught a section of math 113, intro to algebra. This was the syllabus.

In fall 2013 I taught representation theory, here are some of the notes from the lectures.


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