Steven V Sam
Office: 933 Evans Hall

(March 2013 @ Berkeley, CA)
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I am a Miller research fellow at Berkeley.

Broadly speaking, my research interests include:

  • commutative algebra & algebraic geometry,
  • representation theory,
  • algebraic combinatorics
For some more specific examples of what I'm thinking about (or look at my research):
  • "Twisted commutative algebras" -- a formalism for dealing with stability in representation theory, or perhaps "equivariant commutative algebra", see this introductory article. Less introductory: this paper or this paper.
  • Structure / classification problems for minimal free resolutions. See this survey article on Boij–Söderberg theory.
  • Interactions between free resolutions and other areas of math like invariant theory and algebraic geometry. This paper on Vinberg representations and moduli of Abelian varieties is an example, as is this paper on representations of Lie superalgebras.

Upcoming events / travel

Old notes and seminars

Math software

  • Macaulay 2 -- software for commutative algebra and algebraic geometry.
  • LiE -- software for representations of semisimple Lie algebras
  • GAP -- software for group theory.
  • Stembridge's packages -- MAPLE packages for symmetric functions, posets, and Coxeter groups.
  • polymake -- software for convex polyhedra and related objects

Other links

  • Math Overflow -- a website for mathematicians to ask and answer questions
  • -- commutative algebra community website
  • Ubuntu -- The GNU/Linux distribution installed on my computer
  • KGS Go Server -- play Go online for free