Geometric Group Theory

Comments: These are some notes for Math 257, Geometric Group Theory, Fall semester 2000 at UC Berkeley. The first meeting will be on Monday, August 28. (I will be in Greece from August 17 to August 27.) The meeting of the class is scheduled for MWF, 12:10 to 1:00 pm, in 72 Evans (not in Etcheverry as originally planned).
...The notes are copyright 2000, all rights reserved. To individuals, permission to copy unchanged for non-profit purposes is granted. Changes will be made from time to time. These notes should not be put on large databases such as the lanl arXiv and the magnus at cuny.
...I encourage you to read these notes, find the mistakes, find the jokes, and to ask me about items in the notes to see if I remember what they are all about. They are here in both .ps and .pdf format. The optimal method to read them is probably to look at the computer screen and see what Acrobat Reader does to the .pdf files.

Introduction. Intro.pdf.
Chapter 1, Categories. Ch1.pdf.
Chapter 2, Free groups and graphs. (Sept 10,2000, version).
. Ch2.pdf.
Chapter 3, Commutative rings and groups. (needs fewer details).
. Ch3.pdf.