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Notes for geometric group theory course

1965 paper, unpublished:
Embedding homotopy types into manifolds. .ps version .pdf version

How not to prove the Poincare Conjecture. .ps version .pdf version

Some ideas on how to write math from Serre and Goss.
Text version
.dvi version

Poems: Selenium

Tex .dvi versions of math stuff
...[Copyright 1996. All Rights Reserved. Permission to copy without change, for non-profit purposes, is granted.]
(1) My PhD thesis at Princeton, 1959, recently TeXed 152K.
.....Some Topological Proofs and Extensions of Grushko's Theorem
(2) Paper presented in Canberra Group Theory Conf., July 1996 60K.
.....Whitehead Graphs on Handlebodies

.ps versions of the above: (1) Grushko's Theorem. 386K.
(2) Handlebodies. 168K.

.pdf versions of the above: (1) Grushko's Theorem. 440K.
(2) Handlebodies. 225K.

Notes: (1) is related to H Kneser's paper of 1929, and includes matters related to commutators in free products, the splitting of 3-manifolds according to splitting of the fundamental group, Grushko-Neumann-Wagner theorems on generators of free products, etc.

(2) is related to a paper by JHC Whitehead in 1936, and has to do with cut vertices in graphs and decompositions of free groups into free products.

.pdf version of a paper in book to be published by NTUA, Athens, in honor of Papakyriakopoulos

.jpg of a photo of 1958, outside the old Fine Hall in Princeton. Left to right are Hale Trotter, Chih-Han Sah, Lee Neuwirth, Ralph Fox, Christos Papakyriakopoulos, John Stallings.

Compare this to me in June 2002.

Paper written in 1974, TeXed in 2002, on "An Extension Theorem for Euler characteristics of groups".
The .dvi version.
The .pdf version.

Deep Philosophical Musings: Carbon-Based Life

Questions about the past

Introduction to talk at Mazur conference, May 1998: Princeton in 1956

Life and school politics in 1977 How I used to live


One-line Philosophies:
Don't work for wages.
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With proper medication, you can live an almost normal existence.
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The World Wide Web is an inch-deep ocean of warmed-over spit.
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Sucking up is not part of my job description.
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Whatever tomorrow brings, I'll be there with open arms and open eyes.
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It's my life. It's now or never. I ain't gonna live forever.
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