My picture Philipp Rostalski

Feodor Lynen Scholar (PostDoc)

Department of Mathematics
University of California, Berkeley

      1067 Evans Hall

     1067 Evans Hall
     Dept. of Mathematics
     University of California
     Berkeley, CA 94720 - 3840


     +1 (510) 642-2149


After obtaining my PhD from ETH Zurich in 2009, I am now employed as a Feodor Lynen scholar with Bernd Sturmfels at the Department of Mathematics at the University of California, Berkeley. The scholarship is funded by the German Alexander von Humboldt foundation and UC Berkeley.


Convex Algebraic Geometry

The Convex Algebraic Geometry Wiki is now online! It features plenty of tutorials for computations in Convex Algberaic Geometry, supporting software (Check out the Bertini Interface for Numerical Algebraic Decomposition!) and some beautiful pictures of spectrahedra.

Together with Bernd Sturmfels I organizinged the Convex Algebraic Geometry seminar in spring 2010.



My research interest lies in the intersection of Optimization, Systems and control theory
and polynomial algebra. The following figure gives an overview about some resent activities:

Overview of multidisciplinary research
Many of these activities have been started while I was at the Automatic Control Lab., ETH Zurich, and
I am glad to continue this interdisciplinary research as a postdoctoral scholar in the newly founded  
NSF Focused Research Group on "Semidefinite Optimization and Convex Algebraic Geometry".

* Projects marked with a star are discontinued. You can find further information on my old homepage.




List of Publications:


Selected Talks:

Algebraic Moments - Real Root finding and Related Topics. PhD Defense Presentation, ETH Zurich, Switzerland in May 2009

Moment matrices and real root finding. Presented at the MSRI Workshop on Algebraic Statistics, Berkeley, USA in December 2008.

Real Radical Ideals and the Hankel Operator. Presented at the Discrete Mathematics Seminar, UC Berkeley, USA in November 2008 (and UC Davis Dec. 8, 2008).

Quasi-Hankel matrices and the real radical ideal. Presented at the CWI-DIAMANT Seminar "Combinatorics and Optimization",  CWI Amsterdam, The Netherlands in September 2008.

Application of Model Predictive Control to a Cascade of River Power Plants. Presented at the 17th. IFAC World Congress, Seoul, Korea in June 2008.

Pre-computing in Polynomial MPC. Presented at ABB Corporate Research, Baden-Dättwil, Switzerland in December 2007.

Analysis and Distributed Control of HVAC Systems, Presented at NCCR MICS Workshop, Neuchtel, Switzerland in July 2007.

Characterizing and computing the Real Radical - An SDP Approach, Presented at the Control Group Seminar, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK in April 2007.