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Michael Wan

Michael Wan

I'm a PhD student in the Group in Logic and the Methodology of Science, at the University of California, Berkeley. I joined the group in the fall of 2010. Before that, I earned my undergraduate degree with a specialist in math and physics, and a major in philosophy, at the University of Toronto.

I tell people that I am interested in model theory and/or/of complex geometry. My advisor is Tom Scanlon.

My office is in Evans Hall, room 745. My email address is not myfirstname@math.berkeley.edu, although it kind of is.


Summer 2014 to present: Working on research.

Spring 2014: Wow, there are a lot of people here. (100 photos from the MSRI semester.)

Fall 2013: Math 290 Model Theory Seminar (Scanlon). This term I'm mostly learning about the model theory of complex geometry. I'm also participating in a reading group on stable group theory.

Summer 2013: I went to a logic conference in Waterloo (not that one) and a model theory conferenza in Ravello. I also worked on the logic group newsletter.

Spring 2013: Math 290 Model Theory Seminar (Scanlon), Math 299 Reading Course (Scanlon; more Buechler and Fulton's Algebraic Curves). I also took my qualifying exams (syllabus).

Fall 2012: Math 290 Model Theory Seminar (Scanlon), Math 299 Reading Course (Scanlon; Buechler's Essential Stability Theory). From Fall 2012 to Spring 2014, I organised the logic teas and the logic group’s holiday parties.

Summer 2012: I passed my prelims. I also attended a model theory summer workshop at MSRI.

Spring 2012: Math 229 Theory of Models (Scanlon, geometric stability theory), Math 290 Model Theory Seminar (Scanlon), Philos 299 Reading Course (Mancosu).

Fall 2011: Math 256A Algebraic Geometry (Olsson, audit), Math 290 Model Theory Seminar (Scanlon), Philos 290 Logic, Epistemology and Natural Language (Yalcin), Stability Learning Seminar (Medvedev).

Summer 2011: Model theory conférence in Oléron, France. I also spent time learning material for my prelims.

Spring 2011: Math 225B Metamathematics (Harrington), Math 229 Theory of Models (Harrington, stability theory), Math 299 Reading Course (Scanlon; reading little Hodges). I also sat in on some philosophy classes, and talked with various people about basic model theory (Medvedev; continuing little Hodges) and recursion theory.

Fall 2010: Math 225A Metamathematics (Scanlon), Math 250A Groups, Rings & Fields (Ogus), Math 300 Teaching Workshop (Ribet).


Fall 2014: Berkeley Connect Fellow.

Spring 2014: Instructor for Math 375.

Fall 2013: GSI for Math 55 (S. Evans).

Spring 2013: GSI for Math 16B (Demmel).

Fall 2012: GSI for Math 16A (Woodin/Harrison).

Spring 2012: GSI for Math 1B (Simic).

Fall 2011: GSI for Math H1B (Talaska).

Spring 2011: GSI for Math 16B (Judson).

Fall 2010: GSI for Math 1B (Jones).


I like taking pictures with my camera, and you can see some of my favourites at my phototubmlog.