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NEW! My talk at the Science and Non-Duality conference (October 2014)

My New York Times bestselling book Love and Math has won the 2015 Euler Book Prize from the Mathematical Association of America

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Would Aliens Have the Same Math as Us? my public lecture at Oxford University

My book Love and Math has been named one of Amazon's Best Books of 2013 and one of iBooks Best of 2013

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Love and Math has been named one of top 10 books of the month by The New Yorker and The Guardian

Read an excerpt from the book, entitled "The Holy Grail of Quantum Physics on Your Kitchen Table" in Scientific American

Another excerpt in The New Criterion (French translation in the magazine Commentaire)

And another one in The New York Times

Reviews: New York Times (Science Times), New York Review of Books, New York Times (Sunday Book Review), Huffington Post, Nature, Scientific American, Times Higher Education, WILMOTT, Maclean's, Publishers Weekly, Library Journal, American Scientist, Newsletter of London Math Society, Free Press, Minyaville, Not Even Wrong blog, Cocktail Party Physics blog, Brain Pickings blog

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My research

focuses on various aspects of Symmetry in Mathematics and Physics. Recently, I have been exploring fascinating links between the Langlands Program and dualities in Quantum Physics.

Here are the videos of my lectures "An overview of the geometric Langlands Program" (at the Fields Medal Symposium, Toronto, 2012) and "What Do Fermat's Last Theorem and Electro-magnetic Duality Have in Common?" (at KITP, Santa Barbara, 2011) in which these topics are reviewed.

And here is a video summary of my Seminaire Bourbaki on this subject.

Complete bibliography

I spent the Spring semester of 2012 at Columbia University as the Samuel Eilenberg Visiting Professor, giving a series of lectures The Langlands Program and Quantum Field Theory.

Videos of these lectures are available here.

Film Rites of Love and Math

Video of the Q&A after the screening at the Berkeley Film Festival, where the film won a Grand Festival Award

For more information, visit this Web site.

Watch my Berkeley Calculus Lectures on YouTube

Here are the notes of my AMS Colloquium Lectures given at the 2012 Joint Mathematics Meetings in Boston, January 4-6, 2012

Screenplay The Two-Body Problem

A newly revised version has been published by Andrea Young Arts

Buy it on

The second Staged Reading of the theatrical adaptation, directed by Barbara Oliver, was held at the Aurora Theater in Berkeley on November 14, 2011.

Article in The Daily Californian


Langlands Correspondence for Loop Groups

has been published by Cambridge University Press in June 2007. Fully hyperlinked electronic version of the book is available here.

Vertex Algebras and Algebraic Curves

(joint with David Ben-Zvi ) Second Edition was published by the American Mathematical Society in August of 2004.

Research Project "Geometric Langlands Program"

In 2003-2013 I was involved in running a Research Project dedicated to the investigation of the geometric Langlands Program, its relationship to other areas of mathematics, and its relationship to physics. It was funded by DARPA through its "Focus Areas in Theoretical Mathematics" Program. I was co-managing this project together with Kari Vilonen of Northwestern University. This site contains links to some of our past activities, such as the workshops that we have organized, and various resources on the Langlands Program.

As part of this project, I co-organized a Mini-Program "Gauge Theory and Langlands Duality" and a Conference "Dualities in Physics and Mathematics" at the Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics (KITP) in Santa Barbara in 2008 and 2009. The talks are available online here and here.

The next conference in this series was "Langlands-Type Dualities in Quantum Field Theory", held at KITP in August 2010. Here is the video of my opening lecture. All talks are available here.

The most recent Program at KITP, "Nonperturbative Effects and Dualities in QFT and Integrable Systems", ran from July 5 to August 26, 2011.

Review Articles

More than the Sum of His Parts -- interview on "Indoor Boys".

Article in the Berkeley Science Matters on the Grand Unified Theory of Mathematics.

My Seminaire Bourbaki talk on Gauge Theory and Langlands duality.

Langlands Program and Physics - Lecture Notes on the Langlands duality and Conformal Quantum Field Theory.

Review of the Langlands Program that I wrote for the Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society .

Text of my lecture on the occasion of receiving the 2002 Hermann Weyl Prize at the XXIV Colloquium on Group Theoretical Methods in Physics .

My Seminaire Bourbaki talk on vertex algebras.

Gerard Laumon's talk at Seminaire Bourbaki about my joint work with D. Gaitsgory and K. Vilonen on the proof of the geometric Langlands conjecture.

My recent papers

Baxter's Relations and Spectra of Quantum Integrable Models

Geometric Langlands Correspondence Near Opers

The Langlands Program, Trace Formulas, and their Geometrization

Geometrization of Trace Formulas

Formule des Traces et Fonctorialite: le Debut d'un Programme

Soliton equations, vertex operators, and simple singularities

Gauge Theory and Langlands Duality

Gromov-Witten Gauge Theory I

Langlands duality for finite-dimensional representations of quantum affine algebras

A rigid irregular connection on the projective line

Any flat bundle on a punctured disc has an oper structure

Gerbal Representations of Double Loop Groups

Langlands duality for representations of quantum groups

Instantons beyond topological theory II

On the endomorphisms of Weyl modules over affine Kac-Moody algebras at the critical level

Opers with irregular singularity and spectra of the shift of argument subalgebra

D-modules on the affine flag variety and representations of affine Kac-Moody algebras

Local Geometric Langlands Correspondence: the Spherical Case

Geometric Endoscopy and Mirror Symmetry

More papers...

Complete bibliography

Editorial Boards

I am a member of the editorial boards of the following journals:

Letters in Mathematical Physics

Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society

International Mathematics Research Notices

Algebra and Number Theory

Annales mathematiques du Quebec

Transformation Groups

Documenta Mathematica

My Ph.D. students:

David Ben-Zvi (Ph.D. 1999)

Matthew Szczesny (Ph.D. 2002)

Peter Pribik (Ph.D. 2004)

A.J. Tolland (Ph.D. 2009)

Xinwen Zhu (Ph.D. 2009)

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