Chris Gerig

3rd year PhD candidate at UC Berkeley

e-mail: cgerig (at) berkeley (dot) edu
Office: some random café

Curriculum Vitae

"I'd rather learn from one bird
how to sing than teach ten thousand
stars how not to dance."
- e.e. cummings


I am thinking about cobordism maps in Embedded Contact Homology by counting (possibly multiply-covered) pseudoholomorphic curves, with a related interest in gauge theory.
My adviser is Michael Hutchings.



As an undergraduate I majored in Applied & Engineering Physics at Cornell, while doing research in low-temperature experimental physics. Here is my honors thesis from Cornell, Investigation of the Breakdown of Newtonian Gravity at Submicron Length-Scales, under my physics mentor Seamus Davis.

Then I entered the PhD Physics program at UC Berkeley for one year, before quitting to join their math department. I worked under Dan Stamper-Kurn for a few months as a graduate student, with the intent of using cold atoms to study cQED (cavity quantum electrodynamics). I began by designing/building a laser to use in the lab and writing a documentation, Grating-Stabilized 1064nm Diode Laser, so that future students can easily build more.