UCB Mathematics

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News & Announcements

Alan Schoenfeld received the 2014 Mary P. Dolciani Award
Fall Quantitative Reasoning Exam Scheduled for 5-6:30pm on September 3, 2014 in 939 Evans Hall
James Sethian is giving one of the monthly Distinguished NSF Lectures, May 19
Robert Coleman Memorial, May 31st, 2-4pm
Edward Frenkel and Daniel Tataru elected to American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Today's Events

Matrix Computations and Scientific Computing: Finding the sparse representation of a dense matrix
RevBayes: Bayesian Phylogenetic Inference using Probabilistic Graphical Models and an Interactive Modeling Language
Quantum Geometry Seminar: V*-algebras
Topology Seminar (Introductory Talk): Cohomology of arithmetic groups
Logarithmic anti-concentration and Talagrand's convolution conjecture
Applied Math Seminar: Towards Large-Scale Computational Science and Engineering with Quantifiable Uncertainty
Joint Number Theory/Topology Seminar: Cycle complexity on arithmetic manifolds